Embodying innocence, wonder, curiousity and fearlessness a young, happy boy experiences the frozen landscape of the Atlin Lake, British Columbia in the music video for “Never Meant to Know.” Plunging hands into cold snow, and running free through forests, he conjures up a certain kind of nostalgia to a time when the outdoors was a playground, a classroom and endless possibilities for adventure for Canadian children.

Thieves have made the “Never Meant to Know” MP3 for download to the public as part of their pay-what-you-can campaign, with 100 per cent of their proceeds going to the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada. Click on the donate button and donate as little as only $3 to help get Canadian kids outside and receive a thank you from thieves in the form of the MP3 of "Never Meant To Know".

Thieves are a recent addition to the Canadian music scene. Founding members Adam Kittredge and Antonia Freybe-Smith, however, may be familiar to some; they are the voices of the Juno nominated band Jets Overhead.